Be Better Informed: Stop Reading & Posting Garbage News on Facebook

I want to read about the new baby, see pics from the mommy-daughter trip, congratulate you on your new job, learn about the contest your kid won, share your sweet memories of loved ones, and cheer when your little guy or girl scores a goal. I’m less interested in reading a torrent of sensational headlines that confirm your preexisting condition…oops, I mean political bias. If you want to tell me your opinion, that’s fine. I don’t mind knowing. I might even join your side if I’m not already on it. But can you stop with the darn click bait on Facebook?

I can watch a video myself and tell if someone said something truly horrifying or just made an off-hand comment. I can read an original email and tell if someone was being sarcastic or plotting something nefarious. Yes, everyone who doesn’t agree with you must be evil, uninformed, stupid, or all of the above. And I also can’t believe how some people can’t see The Truth. I get it. Righteous outrage is fun and very satisfying (until you need your next fix). It can also be poisonous to your mental health, society, and your friendships. You may miss the sugar rush you get by telling yourself that you’re right. Facebook and a bunch of teenagers in Eastern Europe running sites with names like “” will make less money, but I think we’ll all be better off. You know who you are. You know someone had to tell you this. Thanks for reading my early morning rant. The coffee was extra strong today.

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